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  1. Florin C says:

    I had the pleasure of taking the Pistol and Carbine course last winter with these guys and it was nothing short of awesome! we learned in a professional and safe environment, instructors were A+, range, shoot house and vehicle instruction was excellent. I learned quite a bit and would love to take this course again in the near future!! Shadow Force, bless your hearts! so thankful you guys are here in Calgary!!

  2. Scott S says:

    I took the Tactical Pistol 1 course back in January. I had bought my Glock in December and had barely put a couple hundred rounds through it. The course was great, with focus on safety and proper technique. Chad, Carl, and Dustin were all great instructors.

    I also just attended the one-day Spring Pistol Tune-up. I had picked up some bad habits from shooting by myself at the range, but Chad and Dave helped to correct these quickly. My confidence with my pistol I way higher than it ever has been. Two and four man drills were introduced, as well as some movin and shooting, moving targets, and some small stress induced shooting.

    You guys put on amazing courses, and make them fun. I look forward to Tactical Pistol 2 and Carbine 1.

  3. Steve Peck says:

    Thanks guys for a great weekend. Like any new experience with a new group of people and instructors one is always a bit nervous going into it. I cannot believe the quality of the people training and the quality of the students.

    Great job on putting together a course which is informative and develops a person as a shooter in only 2 days. I would recommend this to anyone looking to sharpen their skills. Though the conditions at times (wind/rain) were challenging we as a group worked to prevail and consistently to put rounds on target at 500 m. Thank you to everyone that was there.

    If anyone doubts the process of this course and the outcome they need to attend.

    Looking forwad to PR 2.

  4. Lynn Goertzen says:

    Just did the Holster Course with Carl. Pros: Excellent course; exceptional instructor. Whether novice or veteran this course is exemplary for learning solid basics or bringing one back to solid basics. Cons: The time went by much too fast.

  5. Chris Lemky says:

    Ill second Vern on his comments. Pistol 1 was great and am looking forward to carbine. I’m very excited to get to chuck my magazines all over the cinema range and have to explain it again :-]

    The other best part is watching Vern try and get sub MOA with the glock. Combat accurate just isnt good enough for him.


  6. Vern Saruk says:

    Website looks great!

    Having taken the Pistol 1 and Carbine 1 courses, I would like to say that both Carl and Chad demonstrate tremendous knowledge and professionalism.

    The instruction is excellent, and it is nice to learn from someone who is willing to share their knowledge and experience, and provide tips/drills to help improve ones skills.

    There was never any safety concern. It was great to have fun, but still in a safe and professional way.

    I learned a lot from both courses, and I have much more to learn. I’m looking forward to more in the coming year.

    It’s always great to see them at the Calgary Shooting Centre.

    Thanks guys!

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