Tactical Carbine

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Tactical Carbine 1 - Learn More »
OBJECTIVE The objective of this course is to provide the new shooter with a working understanding of firearm safety and the core skills required to safely operate the carbine. Students will gain valuable knowledge on a progressive environment gearing toward creating a solid foundation of shooting fundamentals aimed at taking the shooter to the next level. Range...

Tactical Carbine 2 - Learn More »
Building on the skills acquired in Tactical Carbine Level 1, students will continue to acquire and develop their core skills and techniques: specifically improving target shot accuracy and handling execution with an economy of motion; all while maintaining absolute safety requirements. This course will be conducted as a continually progressive learning environment geared toward solidifying, then...

Tactical Carbine 3 - Learn More »
Having completed Level 2, students will now be challenged to learn and apply advanced tactical pistol/carbine techniques through executing complex and dynamic drills. At this level, students will be introduced to team work, rapid moving and shooting drills, striking and shooting drills, shooting from unnatural positions, among other topics. The level of safety and awareness...


  1. Jonny says:

    Hey Guys, thanks for a great weekend. The Tactical Carbine 1 was a fantastic course. Great to get back to basics and learn some new stuff. Now to get ready for Tactical Carbine 2

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