Carl T

Expert Witness United States Federal Court 2009 – Present
Participated as an Expert Witness and Subject Matter Expert in regards to Government Contracting / Contractor Security Consultant in a high profile murder / manslaughter case. Providing testimony under oath in regards to tactics, techniques and procedures regarding actions of the operators and actions of insurgents in non-permissive, hostile environments.

Department of State (ATA) Anti – Terrorist Assistance Program 2009 – Present
Selected as subject matter expert to assist in the ongoing development and delivery of various courses offered by US State Department.
Conducted and participated in course development of the DDM (Designated Defensive Marksman). Curriculum which involved basic marksmanship through advanced marksmanship tasks in support of Dignitary operations. Through hands on evaluation of Tactics, Techniques and Procedures common to all members of a Very Important Person detail in various risk levels. Skills reviewed included team member assignments and responsibilities, firearms proficiency, and skills necessary to conduct dignitary operations.

CACI 2008 – 2013
Functional Analyst, principal responsible for planning, conducting, directing and integrating special operations training methodologies for Coast Guard Maritime Special Security Teams (MSSTs) and Enhanced Maritime Special Security Teams (EMSSTs). Provides directed guidance, recommends resource allocations, schedules equipment use for day and night training events. Serves as primary training and safety officer for close quarters battle drill/combat training sessions, as well as night fire, shoot house, shipboard, and aircraft operations. Oversees the analysis of complex problems in training management and systems integration. Provides training assistance in command, communications and surveillance requirements for inland/Port Zone/EEZ Zone and surveillance systems. In addition, assists senior Coast Guard organization leadership in developing strategic plans and resource requirements for national CT integration, both training and in support of National Deployments. Oversees the analysis of complex problems in training management. Develops plans and recommendations based on core research, and has knowledge of current DOD practices in special warfare and/or operations, and applies the appropriate training methods to USCG capabilities.

ATS Worldwide Services / Cohort International 2005 – 2008
Director of Training for a DOD and law enforcement training company who provides both training and operational solutions for its clients. Planned, organized and executed initial rescue missions to New Orleans LA in less than 24 hours for Fox News (O’Reilly Factor)during the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina in 2005. Wrote contracts in response to government bids concerning specialized training for operational units with various mission capabilities and support.

Physical Security in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom 2004 – 2005
Participated, planned and supervised both high profile convoy and clandestine personal security details for DOD contracts throughout the country of Iraq. Duties included; convoy commander, detail leader and provided sniper assets when needed. Additional duties were training security details in firearms and tactics when ever possible.

Instructor Federal Air Marshals 2003
Civilian Instructor Federal Air Marshals Service Atlantic City NJ. Conducting “Phase 2 Training”primarily in firearms. Instructing and setting up specific courses of fire for future and current Federal Air Marshals (FAM). Dec 2003 to March 2004

President SSI 1997 – 2003
Specialized in security audits, site assessments, anti-terrorism training, developing and coordinating course outlines for small arms and advanced small unit tactics. Research and development for advanced ballistic studies, camouflage and advanced sniper applications for urban and rural operations. Recruited and assembled a training staff of highly respected men from the special operations community to include Marines, SEALs, Army Rangers and Army Special Forces. Established training sites in non-traditional training locations inside and outside of the United States. Was the first private contractor to stand up a turn- key training program for the Navy’s Force Protection / Anti-terrorism courses of instruction in Japan, Hawaii, California, Washington State and Connecticut. Sold the Navy a 15 million dollar contract for training in 2001 and later managed my sales staff supporting them to expand the contract to 48 million by the end of 2002.

Military Service: 1985 – 2000 Active and Reserves
Scout Sniper / Chief Scout Sniper: USMC 7th MEB 29 Palms, CA.3/7 HQ. CO. STA (Surveillance Target Acquisition) PLT. Marine Detachment USS Enterprise: (CVN 65) Corporal of the Guard Providing close quarter battle (CQB) and physical security capabilities for all vital and alarmed spaces that housed weapons, key personnel, (i.e. the Captain of the ship, Battle Group Flag Officer and all other dignitaries) and nuclear reactors that fueled the ship.
USMC Reserves 1/14 Papa Battery Forward Observation Section Spokane, WA. Served as FO and Section Sergeant for both dry , live fire ,and small unit tactics training with artillery and small arms. Sept. 1989 to Feb. 2000.
Honorable Discharge

Anti – Terrorist Assistance Mexico City, Mexico 2011
Anti – Terrorist Assistance Kenya 2009
Participated in Operation Iraqi Freedom March 2004 to June 2005
Set up and established Anti-Terrorist / Force Protection Training for USN ATGWP Yakusko, Japan 2002 Participated in Operation Praying Mantis 1988
Participated in Operation Ernest Will 1986 – 1988 Participated in Operations against Libya 1986

Co-founder and Life Member of the United States Marine Corps Scout Sniper Association Life Member Veterans of Foreign Wars
Member National Rifle Association
Member Marine Corps Association

Life time hunter and outdoorsman. References available upon request.