David K


1982-83         Hastings College; Hastings, NE

1986               University of Nebraska-Lincoln; Bachelor of Science, Education

2000              U.S. Army Combined Arms Staff Services School

2005               U.S. Army Combined General Staff and Command College


Law Enforcement Experience

1994 – 2000:  Anchorage Police Department, Anchorage, AK

Duty Assignments:  Patrol Officer, Uniformed Investigator, Field Training Officer, Firearms Instructor, Armorer, F.B.I. Safe Streets Task Force, U.S. Marshall’s Fugitive Task Force, APD Special Assignments Unit, Crisis Intervention Response Team (SWAT).

2000 – Present:  Steamboat Springs Police Services, Steamboat Springs, CO

Duty Assignment:  Detective, Lead Firearms Instructor, Department Armorer, Commander; Combined Emergency Response Team (SWAT).


Colorado Law Enforcement Training Academy

2000 – 2004:  Colorado Law Enforcement Training Academy, Colorado Mountain College,

Steamboat Springs, CO

Duties:  Lead Instructor, Firearms and Criminal Investigations for Colorado POST certified law enforcement training academy.


State of Colorado, Police Officers Standards and Training (POST)

2002 – 2006:  Subject Matter Expert Committee – Firearms

Duties:  Provide subject matter expertise to the Colorado POST Director regarding issues relating to firearms training for State law enforcement academies and law enforcement agencies as well as provide subject matter expertise regarding state and national legislation concerning police training standards.  Conduct on- site inspections of Colorado Law Enforcement Training Academies to ensure compliance with POST standards.


County Sheriff’s of Colorado / POST

2004 – Present:  Firearms Instructor Trainer.  Instruct firearms instructor training courses to

certify sworn law enforcement officers as Colorado POST certified firearms instructors.


Military Experience

1983 – 2011:  U.S. Army / Army National Guard

Past Duty Assignments:  Infantry Squad Leader, Infantry Platoon Leader, Anti-Armor Platoon Leader, Battalion Staff Officer, Engineer Detachment Commander, Long Range Surveillance Detachment (LRSD) Executive Officer, Infantry Company Commander, Brigade Staff Officer, All Source Intelligence Officer, Special Forces Detachment Commander (Operation Iraqi Freedom I&II), Special Forces Training Detachment Commander, Special Forces Operations Officer


Member U.S. Army National Guard International Combat Marksmanship Team; represented the United States in international marksmanship competitions in the U.S., Canada, England, Germany, Australia, and South Africa.

Military Awards:

Meritorious Service Medal

Bronze Star Medal, Operation Iraqi Freedom

Combat Infantry Badge, Operation Iraqi Freedom

Distinguished Rifle Badge

Distinguished Pistol Badge

Army Commendation Medal

Air Force Commendation Medal

Army Achievement Medal


Formal Training Courses:

Courses Related to Leadership


1984          U.S. Army      Battalion Management Training School

1985          U.S. Army      Basic Non-Commissioned Officer Course

1985-87    U.S. Army      Reserve Officer Training Corp

1988          U.S. Army      Basic Infantry Officer’s Course

1992          National Outdoor Leadership School – Wilderness Instructor’s Course

1993          U.S. Army       Advanced Infantry Officer’s Course

1993          U.S. Army       Company Commander’s Course

1999          Kaminsky and Ass. – Field Training Officer’s Course (FTO)

2000         U.S. Army        Combined Arms Services Staff School

2003 / ’10 CIRSA              Anti-Bias Profiling for Police

2005         U.S. Army        Combined General Staff and Command College


Courses Related to Criminal Investigation


1994         Anchorage Police – Police Training Academy

1995         Anchorage Police – Field Training and Evaluation

1996         Park City Police – Advanced Bicycle Patrol

1997         Anchorage Police – Advanced Crime Scene Processing

1997         Anchorage Police – Uniformed Investigator Training

1997         W.S.I.N. – Narcotics Investigations

1997         Phoenix Police – Gang Investigations

1997         Anchorage Police – Domestic Violence Investigation

1998         Reid and Assoc. – Basic Reid Technique of Interviewing and Interrogation

1999         Alaska POST – Methods of Instruction

2000        Colorado Bureau of Investigation – Crime Scene Processing

2000        South West Assn of Forensic Scientists – Crime Scene Reconstruction

2000       Nat. Fire Academy – Arson Investigation

2001        Int. Law Enforcement Training Inc. – Officer Involved Fatal Investigations

2002       Public Agency Training Council – Death and Homicide Investigation

2006       FEMA  – National Incident Management System

2008       Public Agency Training  -  Medical Death Investigation

2008       Tara Henry, SANE-A  -  Sexual Assault Investigations

2010       Loveland Police Dept. – Linguistic Statement Analysis Technique

2010       Vigilance Safety Systems  -  Advanced High Tech Crimes Investigation

2011        Colorado POST  -  DNA Collection and Retention


Courses Related to Special Skills and Tactics


1986       U.S. Army  -  Airborne School

1986       U.S. Army  Master Fitness Trainer

1990       Kiamichi Vo-Tech  -  Emergency Medical Technician

1992        U.S. Army  -  Sniper

1996        Anchorage Police  -  Shotgun Slug Certification

1997        Glock Inc.  -  Glock Armorer’s School

1997        Remington Inc.  -  Remington Armorer’s School

1998        Anchorage Police  -  Patrol Rifle (M-16) Certification

1998        FBI  -  Chemical Agent / Less Lethal Instructor

1999        Anchorage Police  -  Firearms Instructor Certification

1999        Anchorage Police  -  Sub-machinegun Certification

1999        IACP  -  SWAT I (High Risk Warrants)

1999        IACP  -  SWAT II (Hostage Rescue)

2001        FBI  -  Close Quarter Battle Training

2001        Steamboat P.D.  -  Less Lethal Impact Projectiles Certification

2002       Westminster P.D.  -  Precision Rifle Certification

2002        U.S. Army  -  Joint Special Operations Course

2002        U.S. Army  -  Special Operations Liaison Course

2003        U.S. Army  -  Special Operations Planners Course

2003        U.S. Army  -  Military Intelligence Officers Course

2003        Sig Arms  -  Sig Armorer’s School

2004        U.S. Army  -  Special Operations Information Operations

2005        Steamboat P.D.  -  Taser Certification

2005        Gunsite Academy  -  Close Quarter Tactics

2005        U.S. Army  -  Static-Line Jump Master

2005        U.S. Army  -  Special Forces Advanced Urban Combat

2007        Armor Training Academy  -  High Risk Warrant Specialist Certification

2007        Valhalla  -  Combat Focus Shooting Instructor

2007        Spartan Group II  -  Tactical Pistol Course

2009        Viking Tactics  -  Carbine Instructor Course

2010         Action Target  -  CQB / SWAT tactics

2011          Paladin  -  Advanced Breaching

Professional Affiliations

National Tactical Officer Association

Southwestern Association of Forensic Scientists

International Association of Law Enforcement Firearms Instructors

American Society for Law Enforcement Training

Special Forces Association


Professional Experience

Commander; Steamboat Springs Police / Routt County Sheriff’s Combined Emergency Response Team (SWAT)

Commander / Instructor; Special Forces Basic Combat Course (3X)

Commander / Instructor, Special Forces Advanced Urban Combat Course

Commander / Instructor; USASOC Static Line Jumpmaster Course

Developed selection process for Iraqi Counter Terrorism Force (ICTF)

Commanded  Iraqi Legion Security Force

Liaison to Jordanian Government for development of ICTF

Law Enforcement Trainer (firearms, less lethal, SWAT tactics, criminal investigations)

Top Secret SCI security clearance