Dudley D

Continuous training in a variety of combative disciplines since 1975:
4 years as a Competitive Fencer – foil, epee & saber.

25 years beginning 1980 – Wado Kai Karate 5th Degree Black Belt; Shintani Wado emphasizes explosive movement and pragmatic techniques. Earned 1st Degree in 1985 & established Brooks AB Wado Kai Karate Club; 1988 & onward established U of Calgary, Beddington, Arbor Lake, Dalhousie Wado Kai Karate programs for adults & families. Approximately 400 students under my supervision during the peak years. Hosted 2 Wado Kai tournaments per year with ~250 participants as well as seminars with leading senior instructors.

15 years beginning 1999 – Koryu Uchinadi Kempo Jutsu (lit. Old Style Okinawan Martial Techniques) under Hanshi Patrick McCarthy; currently 4th degree black belt & shidoin (licensed instructor). Western Canada representative for Koryu Uchinadi from 2000-2012. Koryu Uchinadi emphasizes practical defensive responses to habitual acts of physical violence with strikes, kicks, joint locks, grappling, take-downs, throws, ground work, weapons.

Concurrent intermittent training in: JKD under Larry Hartsell & Kelly Worden, Aikido under Yas Inaba, Western Martial Arts with Milan Petrosevic, Arnis/Escrima, and KAPAP with Avi Nardia.

Outdoor survival instructor for Calgary Parks & Recreation, U of C and other clients for 20 years.

Experienced tactical shooter with pistol, carbine, shotgun, long range rifle.

Former army reconaissance scout (MCpl) & armored officer (2Lt)